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We Help Small Businesses Create, Strengthen, and Tell Their Brand Story - Affordably.


Finding the right marketing, design, and social media agency is not always an easy task. One that's affordable for a small business - even tougher.

We offer strategic and authentic marketing partnerships for "micro-prenuers" and small businesses at an affordable price.

Your vision

our expertise

Drive profits, get the right customers, and elevate your brand presence by partnering with Rawhyde Designs.
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About Us
Our success, and our client's success, is rooted in the strategic and consultative (personalized) approach we take when building digital and marketing solutions unique to your business. We are not here to be the hero, simply the guide or narrator in your brand's story.

Creating a trusted partnership and thorough understanding of your business is how we can deliver intentional, effective and sustainable marketing and support solutions capable of transforming your business -- all without the complexity and price of larger firms.

We pride ourselves on the limited number of clients we work with at any given time. We are intentional  about the size of our family-owned agency that allows us to deliver individualized attention, flexibility and personality it allows us to provide our clients. As a small business, choosing a marketing agency to work with should be a personal and intentional decision.

Authenticity. We are not the right fit for everyone, and that's ok. We are not here to be everything to everyone. When it's the right fit, you just know it.
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  • Branding Strategy

  • Website Design/Redesign

  • Digital Strategy

  • SEO - Onsite and Offsite

  • PPC (Google Ads)

  • Social Media


  • Logo/Brand Design

  • Print/Marketing Materials

  • Merchandise Graphics

  • Onsite Event Planning

  • Onsite Staging and Staffing

  • Event/Branding Photography

it shouldn't be that DIFFICULT, or cost that much.

Many small business owners try to take it on, but often end up spending too much time and money without achieving the results they want. Or, you may think that branding is only relevant for large corporations with an international consumer base, such as Apple or Nike, but this just isn’t true! Branding for small businesses (we would argue) is even more important.
Any business can benefit from a strong online brand presence, but few business owners understand how to create it or have the time and resources to dedicate. That's where Rawhyde Designs comes in. We build on what you have, create what you want, and tie it all together with continuity for your digital and physical presence.

We help small businesses and micro-prenures create, strengthen, and tell their brand story - affordably. Contrary to what many think, it goes much further than just a logo. Your brand is the first interaction a person will have with your business and all subsequent experiences with you. Branding should be a kind of summary of your brand experience - a well told story. This includes things like tone of voice, content design, onsite presence, and your customer service.

Whether it's digital, print, photography/video or onsite event support, it's your brand, your business and your customers. Let us help you build what comes next. 


Rawhyde Designs simplifies the process to take the worry off your shoulders. 

It's all based around a simple 3-step plan to ensure your peace-of-mind and let you focus on your business.

Pressured sales calls are the worst and we don’t do them either. Let's just chat about what you need and what we do to determine if we’re a match and want to take the next step.

Schedule Your Free (Non-Sales Call) Consultation

Step 1:


We Create a Customized Strategy 

Step 2:

We start by developing a plan based on your needs and vision through conversation and partnership. Then work with our team of digital, print or onsite marketing experts who will craft a unique plan for your business & budget.

We Work to Exceed Your Expectations

Step 3:

We don't think it's complicated. When you put the right message in front of the right audience, your business is going to finally get the attention it deserves. 

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Our Work

Proven Results

CCS Website



Total Branding Makeover with Website Redesign, Social Medial Campaigns, Onsite, Print, Google Ads

Over 425% Revenue Growth 3 Years in a row.




Total Branding Makeover with Website Redesign, Social Medial Campaigns, Print, Onsite Support

Over 900% Organic Traffic Growth 2 Years in a row.



Start Up Full Design - Logo, Website, Social Medial Build and Print Collateral

Over 200% Growth per year 3 Years in a row.

Tenkara Way



Start Up Full Design - Logo, Website, Social Medial Build and Print Collateral

Attracted and Retained over 450 Followers within the First 6 Months.

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So if our story connected with you, connect with us. Let's talk.
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